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3 Tips on Packing Smart for 2 Week Vacation

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3 Tips on Packing Smart for 2 Week Vacation

If you’re going on a long trip, the last thing you want is to haul huge amounts of luggage everywhere you go — particularly if you’ve many scenic stops planned. It’s a challenge, but it’s well worth the effort. Here’s how to do it:


Half the fun of planning a holiday is the Pinterest board filled with outfit ideas — it is really easy to go overboard when you lay out everything around your luggage. But, it is essential that every piece you bring is working as hard as possible to earn its spot in your suitcase.

Few things are bulkier in luggage than shoes, so take two pairs at most. If you don’t normally pair shoes or athletic shoes with casual outfits, then it’s time to give the athleisure fad a try. If you are unsure about how comfortable you’re going to be in a pair by the 5th kilometre, then leave them at home. Find some comfy and cute walking shoes and get ready to live in them.

A good rule to go by is to lay out everything you think you’ll need and only take half. It’s also worth noting that nothing will fit back the way you’ve originally packed it. This is the never-ending game of suitcase Tetris which you will not ever win. You’ll probably want space in your bag for purchases made on the trip, too.


Strategic packing is crucial for you to be able to bring those two extra cute outfits that you otherwise would have to ditch.

Don’t fold your hanging toiletry bag – lay it flat. How to fit all your toiletries into your suitcase without it being awkward or bulky? A simple hanging toiletry bag put flat across the suitcase may just do the trick. Bring a big purse or tiny backpack on the plane with you, and pack a smaller handbag for your destination.

You don’t ever want to pack valuables or medications inside of a bag you plan to check. But even with carry on, there is still a possibility that you’ll end up getting checked at the gates.

So, prepare by carrying medications on you.

Wear your bulkiest items when you travel. If you would like to bring a pair of boots for a winter trip, be sure to organize your outfits so that you’re always wearing them on travelling days, leaving more room in your luggage. Do this with pants, too, and outerwear for colder climates. And now your travel outfit is planned as well!


You’re going to be washing your clothes on a 2 week trip – there’s no way around it.

If laundry service isn’t an option, all you need is a clean sink and travel-friendly laundry soap. Solid laundry soap bars work great for a quick scrub and don’t take up liquid allowances either, more space saved, yay!

If you pack smart and plan ahead, you may still fit a wide variety of outfits in a single carry on bag. The freedom and flexibility this buys you is priceless. Few things make you look as hapless and touristy while abroad as dragging around a bulky suitcase. And while the rest of your fellow passengers wait idly by the luggage carousel, a few half-fearing their bags won’t even show up, you’re already out the door and starting your vacation. One thing’s for sure – you’re not likely to make the mistake of overpacking twice